Kantar identifies 10 trends for 2021

10 trends that will impact media and communications in 2021.

Kantar explores findings that can help you build richer connections with your audience, your consumers and your clients - what's not to like? And the report is free to download.

The report provides a deep understanding of next year's media consumer, alongside the key media strategies that will spark consumer-led economies.

10 trends 2021 by Kantar

  • Navigating the ‘new normal’

  • Is the SVOD business model sustainable?

  • Keeping up with consumers

  • The importance of being together

  • Brand purpose moves up a gear

  • Building audience relationships in a digital first world

  • Differentiation in your media mix

  • Super-charging your media insights

  • The realities of a cookieless world

  • Getting your data strategy into shape

Navigating the "new normal"

In times of change, the uncertainty of long-term media strategy planning is of course challenged. Will these changes stick or twist?

"Kantar’s Media Reactions study among global marketers shows that the pandemic is likely to have a lasting impact on ad spend patterns: marketers plan to invest more in digital as we move into 2021, for instance."

As industry we need to be "nimble, agile and real-time" - as in ready to ‘twist’ when the market demands it.

Be prepared, and be focused on expanding your digital activities to be what mainly drives your audience towards your brand in 2021.

On top of trend

Partnering with Kantar, we're ready to help you face and plan ahead of the market changes we'll probably see through all of 2021.

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