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Empowering Advertisers & Publishers With Privacy-Safe Geo-Targeting

In collaboration with our trusted partners, helps modern marketers seamlessly transition to non-individual targeting.


We provide access to a rich tapestry of 100% privacy-compliant consumer lifestyle data, empowering you to create highly effective campaigns without compromising user privacy.

Flexible Solutions for Every Need

  • Leverage Pre-built Segments: For large advertisers, we offer pre-built audience segments within trusted data marketplaces from our respected partners. This allows you to quickly tap into established and reliable audience pools.

  • Granular Audience Building: Take control with's intuitive tool. Build hyper-targeted audiences from hundreds of data categories encompassing demographics, interests, and behaviors.

  • Managed Audience Creation: Prefer a hands-off approach? Let our data experts craft the perfect audience for your campaign based on your specific brief.


No matter your preference, provides the tools and data to achieve your marketing goals while prioritizing consumer privacy.


Activate The Same Audience To Cross-Country Integrated Platforms 

You can rely on easy and seamless online omnichannel activation to a growing number of platforms like:​

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • DV360

  • Google Ads

  • Adform

  • Xandr

  • BidTheatre

Unifying 13 European Countries empowers brands and simplifies European ad campaigns with an expansion that brings 13 European countries under one platform.


This enables advertisers and publishers to activate data-driven campaigns across 425+ million Europeans with unprecedented ease and privacy compliance.


Hear From Industry Leaders Who Trust 

Let our valued partners tell you why they not only leverage for their own campaigns, but also recommend it to their clients:

  • Unmatched Targeting & Reach: Our partners, like Kantar, Mindshare, and Equativ, appreciate the ability to precisely target audiences across various demographics and geographic locations – from local markets to international campaigns.

  • Privacy-Safe Activation: Matterkind, BidTheatre, and other partners value our commitment to privacy-compliant data collection and activation, ensuring they can run effective campaigns without compromising user privacy.

  • Actionable Insights: Partners like smartclip understand the importance of combining geographic and lifestyle data. empowers them to create highly targeted campaigns with clear audience insights.

We're proud to be endorsed by these industry leaders.


Check out the testimonials/Partner Insight where you'll hear firsthand how helps achieve superior campaign results.

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