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"With IDFree targeting, we can offer a future-proof and effective way for advertisers and agencies to target the right audience within trusted local media. Neighborhoods play a vital role in our lives and are often a reflection of our lifestyle." 


"Targeting locally and based on local data enables advertisers to capture audiences based on their chosen environment effectively. First trials show promising results and high acceptance among agencies and advertisers.”

- Hilde Marie Gundersen,

Commercial Director Nordics, smartclip
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Privacy with seamless integration.

"Addressing concerns around privacy is paramount to the continuing growth of the programmatic ecosystem and BidTheatre. Thanks to the integration with IDFree, our clients get the ability to easily build high performing cookieless audiences and seamlessly export them for activation in

our platform.


I'm happy to call IDFree a key partner to BidTheatre and our offering."

- Marcus Johansson,

Founder & CEO,  BidTheatre



IDFree uniquely allows you to build, validate and activate the same audience to all these marketing channels:

•  DV360, Adform, BidTheatre, other DSPs
•  Google Ads
•  Facebook
•  Instagram
•  Snapchat
•  Outdoor & Digital Out-of-home
•  Addressable TV
•  Many more to come

The End of Silos.
With IDFree you can build, validate and activate the same audience across the digital omnichannel. The same message,

to the same people at the same time without cookies or IDs.

100% privacy and 100% respect for the users.

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  • IDFreeMediaKit2020

The owner and developer of is Global Data Resources. The software is built on Privacy-by-Design, and provides online omnichannel targeting without IDs or cookies. The IDFree system allow users to create custom audiences, analyze them, and push location data to integration partners like DSPs, SSPs, ad servers, and publishers. integrates with a growing number of partner platforms to allow activating the same audience on multiple marketing channels and devices.