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Better than the rest.

That's the quality seal we look for in our data partners. Data quality, transparency, and reliability are fundamental to our partnerships, and our products and we only collaborate with the best possible data partners.

IDFree is founded on Privacy-by-Design, which is why it's essential that our data partners match us in data ethics.

If you think you're a potential data partner who can live up to the IDFree standard, you're welcome to get in touch with us. Otherwise, not so much!

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Kantar is the world’s leading data and evidence-based agency providing insights and actionable recommendations to clients, worldwide.

Nordic Data Resources

Nordic Data Resources is the preferred provider of lifestyle segments based on census data, neighbourhoods, and consumer classifications in The Nordics. 


TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible between businesses and consumers, by ensuring that each consumer is reliably and safely represented

in the marketplace.

Quotation mark

"At Atyp we deliver on advertisers' need for closer integration between strategy, creativity, media and technology. To be able to offer our customers full integration between us building, validating, and activating audiences on multiple media platforms, is why the IDFree targeting platform is valuable to us. With IDFree we see a promising solution to the integration of privacy safe audience data as default in the media outreach for our customers."

- André Thorsen,

Head of Media Strategy & Purchasing, Atyp