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A privacy-first strategy for targeting is not only in compliance with GDPR/CCPA, but is also brand critical to consumers in our privacy zeitgeist. 

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Here you have an infographic overview of the details and values of IDFree targeting. Be sure to also check out our Clients' Insight into why IDFree targeting helps them transition to transparency.

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The Root Of IDFree

We help our clients target neighbourhoods with the highest concentration of relevant preferences and consumption patterns.

Why is "neighbourhood" our key unit?

Google Going IDFree?

Google says that UIDs for ad tracking are ethically problematic and could very soon become illegal. From 2024 they will not be accepted in Google Ads, DV360 & YouTube.

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Activation Platforms

We ask the techies for only 3 things:

  • Relevant API documentation from the platform partner

  • A sandbox account for testing

  • Access to normal API support

Sample Audience List​​

Create identity-safe campaigns by combining enriched data variables in your market and/or country. See a sample list of categories available for the UK.

See all our current Audience Lists.

Why Not Micro-Targeting?

The enormous amount of audience data in social media and the programmatic space, give you almost endless combinations. But! What Is Wrong With Micro-Targeting?

LL-Data In 19 countries

We offer pre-built audience data in LL format (no Zip) for currently 19 countries, available to you/your clients on all major advertising platforms.

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