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To activate in Xandr, we rely on the manual creation of an advertiser-level location list since Xandr’s API does not support authentication with 2FA sign-in.


For now, please have a look at the DV360 Guide for the steps similar to Xandr activation.

Check List


Create the advertiser-level location list on the right advertiser


✓ You can apply multiple location lists to your campaign


✓ Radius targeting isn’t available for YouTube Line Items

More to Come!

Xandr activation follows the standard steps to audience activation on 

Currently, we can not show you the steps but we are working on a guide for you.

  1. Please see the DV360 Guide for steps similar to Xandr activation.

  2. Please reach out to our Support Team at if you have any questions about  Xandr activation.

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