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Activating your audience in Meta is done by adding postal codes to your line items.


You can add it to Meta by either utilizing the API or manually uploading postal codes.


Follow the step-by-step guide to:

  • Adform Activation through API

  • Adform Activation through upload


Every click is highlighted with the colour red.

Check List


✓ Remove other geo-targeting options before using the API


✓ Save and publish your audience before using the API


✓ Refresh your page after you have pushed the audience with the API



Following the rules apply to how your audience will be applied to your ad sets geo-targeting when utilizing the API:

  • If your audience corresponds to less than 201 LL-coordinates, your audience will be added as LL-coordinates

  • If your audience corresponds to more than 200 LL-coordinates, your audience will be added as postal codes

Meta Activation Through API
Step #1 Pick Tab

On the platform activation overview, pick "Facebook".

Step #2 Sign In

Sign in with your Facebook Business Manager Credentials to get access to your ad accounts, campaigns etc.

Step #3 Pick Ad Account

When you are signed in, you get access to your ad accounts etc. Pick the appropriate ad account, campaign and Adset you want to add your geo-codes to.

Click "Push" to add them.


Note: Your Adset needs to be saved and published before you push your audience.

Step #4 Geo-Codes Added

Your geo-codes are now added successfully.

Now direct to your Facebook Business Manager.

Step #5 Go To Adset

Now, go to your Adset.

Step #6 Refresh

The locations are added to the Adset.

Refresh your browser window and they will be visible.

Meta Activation Through Upload
Step #1 Download Postal Codes

Download postal codes in your IDFree UI.

Step #2 Go To Adset

Go to your Adset and click on "Edit".

Step #3 Go To Adset

Scroll down to the section called "Target group".

Click on "Edit" in the locations sub-section.

Step #4 Upload Location

Click on "Upload Locations in Bulk".

Step #5 Location Type

Pick "Postal Codes" as location type.

Step #6 Pick Country

Pick your country and paste the postal codes from your downloaded file in the highlighted area.


Then match locations.

Step #7 Save List

Click the checkbox if you want to save your list to use it again in the future.

Add the matched locations.

Step #8 Save & Publish

The postal codes are now added to your Adset.

Remember to save and publish your campaign.

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