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Neighbourhoods Reflect Lifestyles

Cookieless neighbourhood targeting exploits that we as humans tend to live in the same neighbourhoods with other people who share the same lifestyle as us.


Our data engine identifies the most interesting neighbourhoods corresponding to your specific audience.


These neighbourhoods are hot spots for your targeting due to the composition and density of the people living in them.

Reading The Map

This example shows where people are characterized as high-frequency internet shoppers.

The circles work as a quality indicator.


From red which has the lowest quality to the greenest which has the most interesting profile.


Our system would recommend targeting the greenest areas.

Example showing where people are characterized as high-frequency shoppers.

Get Started

From Research & Insights To Activation offers a powerful solution to translate valuable research and insights into meaningful marketing activation.


This is done by our data engine which identifies the most interesting lifestyles and identifies their corresponding neighbourhoods in one seamless process.


Check out the video with a step-by-step guide to how we translate valuable Kantar Media (formerly "Kantar TGI") consumer insights into meaningful marketing activation.

Activate your Kantar Media target groups in all

your digital media buying.

Watch on YouTube.

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