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IDFree GO! is provided in partnership with Kantar Media

& TGI Consumer Data and

Nordic Data Resources.


IDFree Go! is the fast - easy - safe solution to activate programmatic advertising directly from research done in Kantar Media’s TGI* - in the time it takes you to have cup of a coffee!

Kantar Media provides TGI Consumer Data that builds deep insights and leads to a real understanding of audience profiling, media planning and buying.

IDFree GO! is available for advertisers, agencies, and publishers in currently Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

*TGI (Target Group Index) is a trademark owned by Kantar Media. The TGI’s in the Nordics are: Forbruker & Media (Norway), Orvesto (Sweden), Index Danmark (Denmark) and MIND (Finland).


IDFree GO! is provided in partnership with

Kantar Media and Nordic Data Resources.​


TGI by Kantar Media is the single source of consumer intelligence that can inform all marketing activity – whether it is to derive new insights, plan campaigns, or identify and activate high-value target audiences.

Kantar Media’s TGI Consumer Data are privacy-safe with all respondents fully consenting and with world-leading standards of quality assurance.




  • Your audiences are directly transferred from strategy and planning to the digital trading desk.


  • Access your audiences in minutes through a self-service integration with your chosen research platform.



  • Your audiences can be activated on all major platforms like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok.

  • The model is built on a scalable method that gives you sufficient reach. You can even adjust it to campaign goals.



  • Your audiences are created on privacy-by-design. Never touching any kind of PII or sensitive information.

  • No worries about audiences affected by an ITP change or if Google excludes anything! This is a future-proof model.

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