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To activate in DV360, we rely on the manual creation of an advertiser-level location list as Google is currently updating their API.


Follow the step-by-step guide.


Every click is highlighted with the color red.

Check List


Create the advertiser-level location list on the right advertiser


✓ You can apply multiple location lists to your campaign


✓ Radius targeting isn’t available for YouTube Line Items

Step #1 Location Lists

Go to the appropriate advertiser.

Expand the Resources tab in the left sidebar and click on "Location Lists".

Step #2 Validate Location

Create a new location list by giving it a name.


Pick proximity targeting, and copy/paste your LL-coordinates from your downloaded .csv file.


Click "Validate" to validate them.


Now you add the location list on your line item.

Step #3 Go To Line Item

Go to your desired line item, and click "Add Targeting".

Step #4 Geography

Click "Geography".

Step #5 Radius

Click "Radius".


Now, search for the desired location list.

Simply click on it.

Step #6 Adjust Radius

Adjust the radius size to 1 km simply by clicking on the highlighted area.

Adjust in the prompted box.

Step #7 Apply

Click "Apply".


You are now targeting the LL-coordinates!

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