The rise and rise of omnichannel shopping

According to Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer, 40% of consumers say they have increased their ecommerce spend during pandemic lockdown, rising to 48% of households with children.

"Ecommerce has been accelerating for years, but 2020 shows that all brands need a smart omnichannel approach." is born to provide digital omnichannel! IDFree breaks down silos and allows you to be in full control of pushing one and the same audience across all digital marketing channels & on all devices. And you're not storing info on the users, you're targeting!

Being unable, or unwilling, to visit physical stores hasn’t stopped people from shopping.

More importantly, Kantar documents that 45% of consumers say they will continue shopping with online stores they found during the pandemic.

"What’s worth noting is who these ‘new’ online shoppers are. Again looking at the FMCG category, we saw that it was older people and those in rural communities accounting for the spike – it’s not just young people you need to consider."

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The owner and developer of is Global Data Resources. The software is built on Privacy-by-Design, and provides online omnichannel targeting without IDs or cookies. The IDFree tool allow users to create custom audiences, analyze them, and push location data to integration partners like DSPs, SSPs, ad servers, and publishers. IDFree integrates with a growing number of partner platforms to allow activating the same audience on multiple marketing channels and devices.