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IDFree Insider: A Testament to how Targeting is Transitioning

"A Testament to how Targeting is Transitioning" is the title of Insider #15.

Hot off the press comes the official announcement of a visionary partnership between Smart (now: Equativ) and Global Data Resources to bring next-generation privacy-safe targeting to the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden). This unique partnership will enable publishers to enrich their inventory with ID-free persona segments while allowing brands to precisely reach the audiences of their advertising campaigns.

Targeting is Transitioning to Transparency

As such the Smart-GDR partnership is a testament to how targeting in digital advertising is transitioning from tracking and storing private user data to transparent targeting with socio-demographic privacy-compliant data at the base.

Reaching the right audience for the right ad campaign on the right channel is still critical

- it just has to be done in a respectful and non-intrusive way.

Pierce Cook-Anderson, Managing Director Northern Europe, Smart sums it up:

"Together, we're fully aligned on improving transparency by allowing advertisers to take back control over their inventory and data assets.“


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