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IDFree Insider #1

Here we go! Our 1. issue of the newsletter IDFree Insider is alive & kicking!

We look forward to being in touch with you through this newsletter, and invite you inside the world of IDFree targeting the omnichannel way!

Our focus is on relevant news for users of We're out to keep you well informed about the new features and integration partners on the IDFree targeting platform. We also offer you cases with users like you, and interesting industry news about omnichannel and privacy etc.


You can subscribe to IDFree Insider by clicking on Newsletter on the bottom of the page - and a pop-up window opens for you to enter your name and email.

In need of a smart omnichannel approach?

Please reach out to your rep. at one of our reliable data-partners:

Or sign up for a free account to test IDFree targeting with your team.


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