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IDFree Insider: Hello Summer!

"I picture myself there, on some beach somewhere" is the title of Insider #16.

We love to put the phone down and smell the flowers as much as you do. Thing is; We have users to support and audiences to build for our great clients. You can reach us anytime from anywhere if you need to, and if we can hear waves in the background, we won't hold it against you.

Have a lovely summer! 🌞

Three Adtech Innovators In One: Equativ

Equativ is the new name for Smart Adserver, DynAdmic and LiquidM - three big innovators in adtech. Headquartered in Paris and New York, Equativ operates globally with a team of more than 450 in 20 offices. Equativ offers the market its own independent adserver, SSP, buyer tools, and media services to fulfil the promise of advertising technology.

Pierce Cook-Anderson, Managing Director Northern Europe at Equativ, says about the partnership with and Global Data Resources:

"Together, we're fully aligned on improving transparency by allowing advertisers to take back control over their inventory and data assets.“


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