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IDFree Insider: The Audience Alliance Has Arrived!

In the April issue of IDFree Insider, we give you a first look into the Audience Alliance: A new network of some of adtech's best developers and data providers who are dedicated to building new stable grounds for publishers as the 3rd party cookie era is ending.

The Audience Alliance is a new network of some of the best developers and data providers in the programmatic market - reaching the Nordic region and EU. Get a glimpse of what we are up to in the latest IDFree Insider.

Audience Alliance members are : Adform | BRAIN.MEDIA | Global Data Resources | | InsightOne | Kantar | Mosaic™ Lifestyles | Nordic Data Resources | PubMatic | Strategic Audience Map

From 3rd-party to 1st-party

"It's a safer way to work with data", says Martin Bergqvist, CEO of Brain Nordic to Dagens Media in an interview about Audience Alliance.

In partnership, we now give publishers next-gen safe, fast, and easy access to a full standardized audience taxonomy to enrich their ad impressions with 1st party data delivered on 1st party cookies or ID-free.

Programmatic ready. IAB compliant. And ready to use today!

Read all about it in IDFree Insider.


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