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online omnichannel targeting 
without IDs or cookies

Privacy Safe.

• No cookies and no IDs

• Full respect for the user

• Works on all devices

Build Audience.

• You have the full control

• Build from +300 variables

• You decide precision & reach

Instant Validation.

• Persona profiles & insights

• See whom you target before 

  you activate

Online Omnichannel.

• The same audience works on

  video, display, mobile, DOOH,

  and on social media platforms


The IDFree tool allows users to:

  • Build an audience from +300 variables

  • Get instant validation of who lives in the areas

  • Activate on multiple channels in seconds, or pass it on to the trading desk


Now, watch it work across all digital marketing channels, and on all devices. 


You are not storing info on the users you are targeting. And you are not using cookies or IDs.

Share Across

Users can share a built or uploaded audience with other users across several accounts - incl. external users. The only requirement is that the added user has a paid plan account.

The team can present a campaign strategy to clients/teams while tweaking the effects of variables in combinations and gain insights before activation.


This makes the IDFree tool a game-changer for modern marketers.



We offer short introductions to both a team of users and one-on-one web meetings.

Have a look at a day & time that fits your calendar.


Send us a request, and we will either confirm or suggest an alternative.



Better than the rest! 

That's the quality seal we look for in our data partners. Data quality, transparency, and reliability are fundamental to our partnerships, and our products.

How to

Build. Validate. Activate. 

Your audience is now in your hands!

Test and tweak what your data shows.

See maps of reach. Want to upload first-party data? You can do that too!


Share. Evaluate.

What could IDFree targeting mean to

your team & organisation? Get a short introduction to IDFree targeting in a

2-page pdf or an infographic overview.


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