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BidTheatre is new integrated platform

We are extremely excited to see the targeting platform grow, and work itself into the hearts of users as a thorough alternative to the old cookie based ad world. See official press release.

The platform offers media agencies and brands advertising a one-stop solution for creative and programmatics teams to push one and the same audience across multiple social media and marketing channels.

BidTheatre and IDFree are among the first partners to offer a thorough alternative to

the cookie based snooping on online activities, that has been the backbone of digital advertising.

In BidTheatre's words

Marcus Johansson Founder & CEO, BidTheatre

"Addressing concerns around privacy is paramount to the continuing growth of the programmatic ecosystem and BidTheatre. Thanks to the integration with IDFree, our clients get the ability to easily build high performing cookieless audiences and seamlessly export them for activation in our platform. I'm happy to call IDFree a key partner to BidTheatre and our offering."

- Marcus Johansson Founder & CEO, BidTheatre

With our collaboration, BidTheatre is now another integrated DSP to push pre-build or custom build audiences to.

Read more in the official press release to the media and market.

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