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Three routes to inclusive advertising

Data from Kantar shows inclusion and diversity in advertising improves ROI. But how can you effectively reflect and reach diverse groups of people with your ads? Authentic is at the centre!

The power of positive portrayal

According to Kantar's ad analyses, just including more underrepresented groups in ads has in itself no impact on an ad’s ability to build brand equity or increase short-term sales.

" Ads that feature under-represented groups have almost identical short-term sales likelihood and contribution on long-term brand equity to the average."

The key to true inclusive advertising and gaining a long-term impact on the brand equity/power is to create ads showing under-represented groups in a positive way, free of age-old ad stereotypes.

Authentic inclusion

Understanding the heart of the audience is of course key to any ad campaign execution. But have you asked them what inclusion mean to them? Do you know your audience as well as you think? What does data on your audience profile show about embracing positive inclusion and diversity?

Based on their researched ads, Kantar has identified three different and effective approaches to inclusive advertising:

  1. Inclusive casting "An inclusive casting approach shows underrepresented groups in a central role in a story that doesn’t focus on inclusion and diversity as a topic." A great example is Virgin Media’s Faster brings us closer where the modern love story features a character in a wheelchair.

  2. Inclusive stories "This approach tells a story that revolves around an underrepresented group to communicate brand messages." A great example is Starbucks’ Every name’s a story linking transgender struggles to their brand signature.

  3. Inclusive as purpose "Purposefully inclusive ads seek to inspire change, by tackling stereotypes, making people’s lives easier with a product or service, or taking their side in the face of injustice." A great example is P&G’s Widen the screen campaign to acknowledge and expand the understanding of Black experiences.

IDFree audience data

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