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New Year. New opportunity.

We help you stay optimistic about 2021 by letting you/your clients focus more on cost-effective digital outreach with our omnichannel targeting tool.

Find a tool that helps you improve performance on digital channels!
Find a tool that helps you improve performance on digital channels!

Retool marketing strategy

Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey Research found that martech investments remain strong in 2021 - even with pandemic spending cuts - and many marketers have had to retool their marketing strategy to an even bigger focus on digital.

You can take charge of 2021 already - by letting IDFree targeting guide you towards a retool marketing strategy where you're in full control of the activities on your digital marketing channels.

As you upload 1. party data to, or build a custom audience from privacy safe data variables on the platform, you get to push the same audience across all marketing channels = Digital omnichannel. See more about our Build - Validate - Activate model.

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In need of a smart omnichannel approach?

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