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IDFree Introduction You Can Share

If you want to share and discuss what IDFree targeting could mean to your team and organisation, we got you covered with short versions of our introduction. Check out our IDFree Info page for downloads of an IDF Flyer and IDFree Infographic. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are looking for more or other IDFree introductions.

Clients speak out

You are very welcome to get in touch with us for an informal talk about how you can reflect and reach your/your clients' audience.

You are also very welcome to dig into what some of our key clients among advertisers and agencies say about IDFree.

If you do not have access to, we set up a personal account for your team in no time.

We are here to help you create new insights by validating the relevant reach and persona profiles

- before - you activate the same audience on multiple integrated platforms like display, video, DOOH, and mobile, AND on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat.

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