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Getting To Know You

We form deep and loyal partnerships with our data partners, and we dream of forming just as relevant relationships with site visitors and/or subscribers to our newsletter IDFree Insider. So, we have set up a couple of ongoing polls in the hope that you will give us a glimpse of the topics and platforms etc. you currently engage with. By sharing your multiple choices, you help us to better focus on what advertisers, agencies & publishers among our clients and subscribers value today.

What should we ask? (within reason...)

Now, we are not interested in your favourite breakfast cereal brand but we do want to hear your voice sound through the screen and let us know a bit about who you are and what you focus on professionally.

Do you have suggestions as to what a coming poll could be about? What theme or question would you like to upvote? Please send it to us. We value each and every input, thank you in advance.

IDFree Insider

If you want to get to know us better as well, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter IDFree Insider - a pop-up window opens for you to enter your name and email address.

In doubt about how we treat your data? Please see our Privacy Policy.

See previous IDFree Insider issues for insight about what you subscribe to. We keep it short & sweet, but you can of course unsubscribe with a single click.

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