Data opportunities 2021 Q&A

Eyeota and Global Data Resources talk about the importance of data privacy and points to key opportunities for brands using data in 2021. We listen and learn.

Eyeota - the audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data - runs a brilliant Q&A session with partners, called Audience Data Sessions Q&A.

Global Data Resources (GDR) is the latest partner to be featured in a highly interesting talk about among other why GDR audiences are relevant for brands and advertisers. The Q&A covers several aspects of a partnership, grounded in quality control and reach.

"We were impressed by the Eyeota team’s dedication to data quality."

- Per Kristian Tandberg, Managing Director, Global Data Resources

Data opportunities for brands 2021

Data quality is the beginning and end to get advertisers reach as well as social, demographic, interest, and purchase intent - without collecting users' private data through cookies or IDs.

Per Kristian Tandberg highlights two major trends that will strengthen in 2021:

a) The market is moving towards targeting with consent and/or targeting solutions without cookies or IDs.

b) Using data partners and providers that respect the user’s privacy.

"Most brands today want a simple thing such as digital omnichannel targeting, where the same audiences can be reached on all digital marketing channels from display, in-app, video, social media and connected TV. Very few data partners can do that. But with our dynamic cluster algorithm segmenting and profiling +47 million neighborhoods in 15 major markets and covering +750 million people, we can actually provide this. And without private data in the product."

Please reach out to the GDR team for an informal talk about how you can use privacy safe data to handle an online omnichannel presence with your brand's audience.

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