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Flip The Script: Data-Driven Deadspots 🖐️🎤

As marketers, we have relied on a binary approach for ages: Audiences are either relevant or irrelevant. But this thinking fails to capture the complexities of consumer behaviour, overlooks hidden potential and wastes resources. When you "Flip the Script" and exclude "deadspots" instead of hunting down "hotspots", you maximise resources and ensure the message resonates with the most relevant audience segments. Read about it in the IDFree Insider newsletter.

Deadspots represent areas or segments with little to no engagement or affinity towards your brand. By eliminating deadspots from the targeting strategy, you ensure that the advertising budget is used in areas with the highest potential for engagement and conversion.

Read all about it in the February 2024 IDFree Insider newsletter:

Flip The Script: Data-Driven Deadspots.

Free download of our white paper Beyond the Usual: Maximise Reach and Results.

In another Breaking News worthy message, RTL AdAlliance announces their new and improved demographic targeting capability - "‘Smart Demographics" - to VideoWeek.

The introduction of IDFree technology by our owners at Global Data Resources marks a huge advancement in RTL AdAlliance's ability to offer "Smart Demographics".


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