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Consumers Push for Privacy-Safe Personalization

The new Brand Authenticity Report from Sitecore, one of the leading providers of end-to-end composable digital experience platforms, is a survey of more than 1.100 U.S. consumers' brand loyalty. Remarkably 9-in-10 (91%) expect brands to be transparent - especially in communicating about price hikes and supply chain issues. According to Sitecore, 70% of consumers say they want “deeper, more personal connections” with brands, but, as we are all well aware, consumers no longer have to leave their online footprints in exchange. In our post-cookie era, brands must understand the power of privacy-safe personalization to win customers back, and "...this starts with taking the time to understand who their customers are at their core,” says Sitecore Chief Marketing Officer Paige O’Neill.

Consumer Opinions Across 5 Key Areas

From business models to consumer engagement, and digital experiences to their stance on social issues, brands worldwide have seen revolutionary change. Today, driving more authentic connections with customers is essential and expected to be demonstrated through among other transparency.

Sitecore's report identifies five key areas of current expectations in order to strengthen brands' relationships with customers:

  1. Empathy and understanding

  2. Brand representation

  3. Transparency and communication

  4. Brand loyalty

  5. Shopping experiences

Consumer Experience Across All Channels

As always, consumers want to purchase from brands that have similar values to their own. If brands fail to create an experience that makes those values clear, consumers have no problem choosing a different brand.

Sitecore Chief Marketing Officer Paige O’Neill says:

“While loyalty seems to be dying, it’s not yet dead. Brands must understand the power of personalization to win customers back, and this starts with taking the time to understand who their customers are at their core. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work in 2022, and brands must adapt their strategy to meet each customer where they are shopping with the experience they crave.”

O’Neill adds that Sitecore’s data overwhelmingly shows that customers want brands to be inclusive and reflect a diverse world. To be able to understand your/your clients' audience in-depth, life phases and lifestyles are mandatory to address when creating the brand/shopping experience.

Understand Your Audience

Personalization by collecting consumers' private data is not only history, it is also unimaginative when considering that authentic communication is built on understanding the brand's core audience by socio-demographic characteristics, not (!) individual differences. offers brands and advertisers exactly that in-depth insight into their unique target audiences, built by us or by our client teams.

We allow users to enrich privacy-safe census data (offline socio-demographic data per given population) with lifestyle topics and life phases data, and then get instant validation of whom is targeted before (!) activating the same (!) audience on all chosen channels.

Want to know more? Please reach out to us.

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