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Get Started. is a user-friendly targeting tool that gives you instant access to building your or your client's unique audience by simple drag 'n drop combinations of enriched, privacy-safe consumer data.

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Born User-Friendly

We've developed the IDFree tool as user-friendly as possible. Typically, you are able to quickly get acquainted with the dashboard, and start building your audience. offer you audience data from consumer classifications, neighbourhood geo-tagging, governmental statistical data, along with seamless integration with a growing number of DSPs/activation platforms.

Your Account

Please reach out to our team of consultants to set up an account for you/ your team to build from combinations of over 300 audience categories. Precision and reach are 100% in your hands.

Should you need to re-activate your account, please send us a request to re-open it and invoice you accordingly. 

Computer Software Guidance
App Developer

If you own 1st party CRM data, you can simply upload a .CSV file with Zip codes and generate your audience.

  • Build your audience by drag 'n drop combinations of privacy-safe, enriched consumer variables and categories.

  • Validate your audience by investigating word clouds and images describing who they are, see maps showing where they live. Tweak data till your audience's reach and precision is just right

  • Activate your audience on all or selected DSPs. Save time and gain an overview by pushing the same audience from your account on

Book A Demo

Are you more comfortable with a short official introduction by us? If so, please request a 15 min. demo of the research and targeting tool.

We also offer a free introductory session with up to 10 users.

You can request day & time from a calendar, and we will quickly return confirmation or an alternative suggestion.